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Like many before me, problems with chronic lower back pain led me to Pilates. During my two pregnancies,

I was forced to visit a chiropractor on a weekly basis and discovered (amongst other things) that I was hypermobile.

I had done Pilates classes before, but had never really understood why the exercises were beneficial. I trained as a Pilates teacher myself, initially to gain a greater understanding of how my own body worked and to control my own pain. I am now a Level 3 Certified Pilates Instructor and also have a Level 3 Award in designing Pre- & Post-Natal Exercise.

Before becoming a Pilates teacher, I worked for 15 years in technical and corporate sales, running large global accounts. I also completed one year of a Masters in Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and French from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. These days, I prefer to crawl about on the floor, figuring out how a particular exercise on one side of the body affects my balance and stability on the other side!


My motivation has always been to make Pilates interesting and to show how it can provide tremendous benefits for people of all levels and abilities. There is increasing pressure in life to be and look the best, but my ethos is more about personal development, in terms of improving your physical strength and range of movement. At the end of the day, I just want my clients to move well and feel positive about their bodies!

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